Play-Along Videos

Body Percussion

"Count on Me"

Bruno Mars

"Never Give Up"



Imagine Dragons


Master KG

"Un Poco Loco"

from Coco

"Can't Stop the Feeling"

Justin Timberlake

"On Top of the World"

Imagine Dragons

"Sir Duke"

Stevie Wonder

"We Will Rock You"


Cup Games


Sara Bareilles

Cup Song Tutorial

"Rondo alla Turc"


Cup Rhythm Jam

"Nancy Mulligan"

Ed Sheeran

"Best Day of My Life"

American Authors

"La Raspa"

Veracruz Traditional

5th Symphony


Rhythm Videos with Notation

Among Us

Hipcat Jazz Club




"High Hopes"


The Mandalorian

"Sweet Beets"

Encanto Rhythm Play-Along

Bucket Drumming


Dua Lipa

"We Will Rock You"



Imagine Dragons

"Dance Monkey"

Tones and I

Rhythm Stick Songs

"Tapping On My Sticks"


Imagine Dragons

"Tap Your Sticks"

Hap Palmer

Rhythm Playlists & Channels

Move 'n Groove Warmups

from Mad Beatz Methods