Hi, I'm Mrs. Pearl!

I'm a music teacher at ALBA school teaching both general music and violin. I work with all students in K4 through 7th Grade, and I love every minute of it!

Born and raised in Wisconsin, I received my degree and certification in General & Instrumental Music Education (K-12) from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. After teaching in an elementary school for one year, I moved to New York and began working as a teaching artist with Third Street Music, where I spent most of my time at PS 33 Chelsea Prep in Manhattan. Through Third Street I have also taught lower elementary general music at Girls Prep and PS 188 The Island School, both on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Additionally, I have taught at after school programs at PS 316 Elijah J. Stroud in Brooklyn and the Lese Center for Living Judaism at multiple locations in Manhattan. After six years in New York I was thrilled to return to Wisconsin and continue my teaching career at ALBA!

In 2016 I completed my Masters in Music-Music Education degree from Boston University where I focused my thesis project on Culturally Responsive Popular Music Pedagogy, a student-centered approach to music education emphasizing creative processes stemming from students' existing musical backgrounds and interests. (Please email me if you would like to read a copy of my Masters Thesis.)

When I'm not teaching in a classroom I can be found teaching private students, volunteering in my community, reading, running, or spending time with my husband, our son, and our cat.

Click on the images below to learn more about me, my approach, my students, and their experiences.

Quirky Facts

  • My husband gave me a pandemic buzz cut in July 2020 and short hair is officially my new style!

  • I started playing piano when I was 4 years old.

  • I can play instruments from every family except brass.

  • Our cat is named after composer Clara Schumann, but her full name is Clara Tushie Fuzzyboots.

  • I have studied French and Hebrew, but now that I'm working at ALBA I'm teaching myself Spanish as well!